Sellers, Storefronts, & Owners

  • You set your item details and rates on OMNI. Rent things out by day or week; remove your items from the marketplace anytime you need them.

  • Other members in your community reserve your items. You approve their requests, so you’re always in control of when your items are being borrowed.

  • It’s always free to list. OMNI charges a flat $7.50 from each successful rental order’s total.

Renters, Borrowers, & Searchers

  • Browse from a few curated categories on OMNI. OMNI makes it easy to find items for traveling, home improvement, and cleaning (among other things).

  • Reserve and book items – get approved quickly within minutes to pick-up an item you need, nearby.

  • Pick-up the item based on when it’s convenient for you and the owner – return it when you’re done.